The 2nd floor at Meraki Greek Bistro

How do you say speakeasy in Greek Speakeasies. We’re all familiar with the concept. Occurring during prohibition, speakeasies were illegal ‘back room’ bars serving alcohol to patrons. This of course led to massive amounts of organized crime and corruption. However, it also led towards some positive changes. Being illegal, speakeasies became secret social clubs, the […]

Flagler Monument Island

Have you heard of it? Flagler Monument Island is a little known man-made island laying between Miami and Miami Beach, just south of the Venetian Islands. Built as an homage to Henry M. Flagler in 1922, the island has undergone some pretty significant changes since then.  Unlike other man-made islands such as the Venetian Islands […]

Where to Watch the Super Bowl This Sunday

Is it just us, or does it seem like the New England Patriots are constantly in the Super Bowl?  With 8 Super Bowls in 18 years, that feeling doesn’t seem unmerited.  So if you’re planning on watching Tom Brady’s New England Patriots take on the Nick Foles’s Philadelphia Eagles, chances are you are looking for the […]

Welcome to The Wharf

Miami’s new riverfront hang out. Perfectly situated on the Downtown side of the Miami River, The Wharf is about as classy and non-pretentious as you can get in Miami. From office workers to construction workers, this Pop-Up takes care of its locals with no dress code, no massive mark-ups, and no reservations needed, just a […]

Colombian Edition

Getting to know Colombia Although Colombians first started arriving to the United States during the 1800s, the greater immigration happened during the 1960s through 1980s. This influx was mostly attributed to economic problems and violence in their home country. Today, most Colombians in the US have established themselves in Florida. Knowing a little about Colombians […]